Buns: a simple exercise for girls and women

20.02.2016Beauty Standard

“How to pump up buttocks at home?” — this question is concerned many women. On the way to a beautiful body they overcome many obstacles. As soon as yourself don’t mistreat: diet, intense workouts and sometimes even starvation. But all you need to know when to stop. It is impossible for elastic buttocks to sacrifice their health. The diet should choose a doctor, and a set of exercises to be coach.


  • Principles of exercises at home
  • Buns at home: videoframerate on YouTube
  • How to pump up buttocks at home: training for girls and women
  • Download glutes at home: exercise with a chair
  • How to build gluteal muscles: homework and physical education

Not all women have the opportunity to visit a gym. Many of them are tied to the workplace and a few hours of free time I can carve out only at night, when the majority of sports clubs is already closed. Some — no one with whom to leave the children. There’s nothing wrong with knowing how to pump up buttocks at home you can engage yourself when working.

Principles of exercises at home

The appearance of the priests depends on several factors:

  • the shape of the pelvis;
  • the feature of connection of bones muscles;
  • muscle tone;
  • the location and volume of deposits of fat cells.

If the first three factors inherent nature, then the third factor can be adjusted. The goal is not to feel sorry for yourself and to shirk lessons. Minor changes you’ll see in 5 weeks, but only if you will dedicate to practice at home 20 minutes every day. For best results the exercises need to add more exercise, for example Jogging.

Tip: Aerobic and cardio help get rid of body fat in the right places and are a great way to get a firm butt in a short time.

To start any of the exercises with 15 repetitions. Once a week this number will increase by 5-7 repetitions until you reach 100. Very easy exercises you can perform with dumbbells to increase the load on the whole muscle group. Dumbbells can be easily replaced with water bottles. But don’t get carried away with heavier weight. Everything should be done gradually.

Buns at home: videoframerate on YouTube

If you like to work at a certain pace, but you can’t stick to, videos from top coaches is your answer. For example, the program of Jillian Michaels has three levels of difficulty, which gives the opportunity to increase not only the number of repetitions, but also the load level. On YouTube a lot of videos on demand “pump up the buttocks”, so everyone can easily pick out the right training.

Those who prefer to choose exercises on their own, more suitable individual.

How to pump up buttocks at home: training for girls and women

  • First you need to kneel and rest on bent arms. The dumbbell is clamped under the right knee. Foot with weighting must be raised so that the heel looked clear at the ceiling. Press strain to the body to remain straight. Make sure that the body is not bent at the waist. The same repeat, holding the dumbbell below the second knee.
  • The initial posture is the same as in the exercise above. Weight set aside, one leg straighten. Lift it up so that the back remains smooth. Then do the other leg for the same number of repetitions.
  • Get up off your knees and stand straight. The weights are holding in your hands. Then slowly bend forward and pull back the right foot. Do this exercise in a slow pace for both legs.
  • Stand straight, cross your legs and keep feet together. Now bend forward as low as possible, not bending at the waist.
    Stood? Now lie down on your back. Bend at the knees, the feet are 20-30 cm distance from each other. Squeeze your buttocks and lift your pelvis to the maximum, fixing in the top position, take the knees. Lower your pelvis.
  • The original position too. One leg bent, the other straightened to leave. Now lift your pelvis. Straight leg should form one line with your body.
  • The original position too. Straighten one leg and lift. Secure it in the up position, try to raise the pelvis. Repeat the exercise, changing legs.
  • Remain lying on your back. Bend the free leg and put the foot on the knee of the second leg that is already in a bent position. Now again raise the pelvis.
  • Reversed on stomach, legs slightly bend. In this exercise, try to lift your feet, by an effort of the abdominal muscles keeping your back straight. Bend at the waist impossible.

Tip: In the Internet there are many recommendations how to build glutes for a few days. Do not believe them. To bring the muscles can only if you train regularly. And the first results will appear only after 5-6 weeks.

Download glutes at home: exercise with a chair

For this exercise you do not need special equipment, only good and sturdy chair.

  • Bridge in the sky.

Lie on your back, straighten your knees and put your heels on the seat. Direct hands — palms face the floor. Lift the right leg up vertically, then slowly tear off the hips from the floor. Lift your pelvis so that the body and the left leg lying on the same line. Right leg stays raised. After 20 iterations, changing the leg, start the account first.

  • Bendable tree.

Stand behind the chair and rise a little on tiptoes, with your legs together, keep your hands on the back, the body should be at a slight tilt. Bend the left leg at the knee and pull it 90 degrees to the left. Repeat for the right leg.

  • Stairs.

Go around the chair, become the face to him. Keep your feet on width of shoulders, hands put on the belt. Put left foot on chair, right leg up, bending at the knee, as if you’re going to be back. Hold this position for a few seconds. Right leg put on the floor, then left and do a lunge back. So freeze for a few seconds and start again, then repeat the movement with the other foot.

  • Squats to the ground.

Step away from the chair half a meter, turn the seat back. Feet spread shoulder-length apart, palms down at waist. Raise your right leg back to lean the upper part of the foot on the seat. In this position squat. Left leg should bend so that the knee of the right leg fell to the floor, then straighten your legs and repeat 15 times first. Then transfer the load on the other leg and repeat.

  • Squats to the sky.

Stand straight, keep feet on width of shoulders, hands raised and looking to the side. Squat slowly, counting to 4, then stand on tiptoe and pull the handle upwards.

This set allows you to quickly pump up the buttocks seductive at home. The results you will feel after 3 weeks.

How to build gluteal muscles: homework and physical education

Many women complain that household chores take too much effort, so to do them simply have no desire. We suggest you not miss the extra opportunity to practice and during domestic Affairs to perform simple exercises that allow you to pump up the buttocks for even the busiest moms:

  • While washing dishes, strain and relax the gluteal muscles. Do it in a fast rhythm, until the complete 200 repetitions. Then squeeze your buttocks and keep them so until you get tired.
  • While cleaning the house walk on eggshells, doing leg swings in different directions. Try to lift the leg as high as possible.
  • Strain and relax the buttocks is possible and during the trip on public transport.
  • Playing with baby on the floor, try to move forward and backward on his ass. Such movement not only helps to pump up the buttocks, but will also entertain your little one. Perhaps he will even say it with you.

Like any business, struggle for a beautiful figure in the home requires a systematic approach. Many stop working after a week. But you definitely bring them to the end, to pump up the buttocks is not as difficult as you think. And what he saw in the mirror after a month you’ll love it!